Monday, 24 September 2018

Sutton Bingham - Sun 23 Sep

I felt slightly better today, not much, but enough to manage to get up to the reservoir after the heavy rain and the fresh air actually did some good. The pick of the birds was a Ringed Plover, present at the southern end of the reservoir. Not an annual visitor to the site it was a good bird to find.
The Green Sandpiper was still present today and a couple of Common Sandpipers were on West Pool. The first Meadow Pipits of the autumn were noted, with have a dozen on the dam and a couple more on West Pool. A total of seven Teal and four Mandarin were the only wildfowl of note whilst overhead a Skylark was seen heading north. There were still plenty of Swallows and House Martins knocking around, though I'm sure most of these were simply passing through.
Sutton Bingham year list 2018 now at 114 species.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Sutton Bingham - Sat 22 Sep

After a night of no sleep, a banging headache, sore throat and runny nose I really didn't want to go in to work this morning, but needs must. That being said, a very brief stop at the reservoir on the way in produced a fly-through Sandwich Tern which flew west with a couple of gulls. A real bonus patch year tick.
Sutton Bingham year list 2018 now at 113 species.

Sutton Bingham - Fri 21 Sep

A Green Sandpiper was at the southern end, and despite my best efforts I failed to make it in to anything rarer.
A couple of Common Sandpipers were also seen but no storm blown rarities at Sutton Bingham after all the recent winy conditions.

Sutton Bingham - Thu 20 Sep

A juvenile Yellow-legged Gull was on the northern causeway early evening and six Common Sandpipers were still present.

Sutton Bingham - Wed 19 Sep

A little over an hour at the reservoir this afternoon but nothing out of the ordinary, just routine fair. A total of six Common Sandpipers were noted and five Teal were present. A single Mandarin dropped in to the Mallard flock at the southern end and a Great Black-backed Gull was seen. A trickle of Swallows passed through.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Sutton Bingham - Sun 16 Sep

An unexpected patch year tick today with a drake Gadwall present with Mallards at the southern end of the reservoir.
Other than the Gadwall it was pretty slim pickings (mind you I only spent ten minutes on site) with just three Common Sandpipers and a Great Black-backed Gull being seen.
Sutton Bingham year list 2018 now at 112 species.

Sutton Bingham - Sat 15 Sep

A pre-work visit produced a Little Grebe, the first on patch for several months. A single Great Black-backed Gull was present and half a dozen Common Sandpipers were noted. A couple of Linnets were present with several Pied Wagtails and a Grey Wagtail on the dam and three Teal were at the southern end.