Patchwork Challenge

For the third consecutive year I am taking part in the Patchwork Challenge (for more information click here), a friendly competition to see how many species occur on your local patch, so understandably I've picked Sutton Bingham Reservoir.
The rules are pretty simple, record how many species of bird you see on/from your patch over the calendar year, and a patch can be no larger than 3 square kilometres. My patch area is well within the 3 square kilometre limit, with the boundaries I am using shown in the picture below (click the image to see a larger version).
Just out of interest, my 2013 scores had I been doing the Patchwork Challenge would have been as follows:
Number of Species Seen 102
Species Points 117
Scarce Bonus Points 3
Rare/Mega Bonus Points 0
After a pretty good year I finished 2014 with the following scores:
Number of Species Seen108
Species Points121
Scarce Bonus Points3
Rare/Mega Bonus Points0

Despite seeing six more species than in 2013, I had fewer "2-pointers" than last year, so the scores ended up being much closer than one would expect. There were also a number of species seen in 2013 that I missed in 2014 and vice versa.
Full PWC report for 2014 can be read here.
2015 was another good year on the patch, where despite seeing less species than in 2014 I scored more patchwork Challenge points due to the fact I found some scarcer birds.
Number of Species Seen105
Species Points121
Scarce Bonus Points9
Rare/Mega Bonus Points0

Full PWC report for 2015 can be read here.
Well 2016 turned out to be an amazing year, smashing previous year totals and adding four new patch ticks in the process. It'll be hard to get near this total in 2017!
Number of Species Seen123
Species Points146
Scarce Bonus Points7
Rare/Mega Bonus Points8

Full PWC report for 2016 can be read here.
With 2016 being such a cracker it was always going to be hard to get anywhere near the totals in 2017, and I did fall short. Despite recording my second highest annual total of species, I was well down on points as I failed to find any scarce or rare birds on the patch over the course of the year.
Number of Species Seen110
Species Points119
Scarce Bonus Points0
Rare/Mega Bonus Points0

Full PWC report for 2017 can be read here.